This recent period of time has been nothing short of miraculous for me. It began back in January when I decided to give Mirror Work, by Louise Hay, a try. A friend mentioned it to a mutual friend while we were all together and as he told her about it my interest was once again sparked.

I first heard about Mirror Work some years ago and each time it came into my view again I made a mental note to look into it, but never did. This last time that it came to my attention something in me just grabbed on and didn’t let go. The next day I was compelled to try Mirror Work on my own from what little understanding that I had acquired from the several introductions I had experienced about it.

The results were no less than astounding; the first time I tried it I began to cry tears of sorrow and joy at the same time. The sorrow was that I had let so much time go by before doing Mirror Work and the joy from the release that I was experiencing. I cried for about 10 minutes more or less. When the session was done the feeling of relief and joy were tremendous. I was truly amazed. That response from trying something that I had only a vague idea of what I was doing encouraged me to go to Hay House and see what information was available for Mirror Work. I found exactly what I needed and continued to do the practice correctly for the next 21 days. It is amazing how much it has changed my life.

Being ADD and dyslexic it has been a challenge for me to complete things that I have started over the years. Some progress was made for me a couple of years back when I discovered a particular meditation that incorporated brain wave technology in the sounds that accompanied the guided meditations. Now with the discovery of Mirror Work it seems that I was as good as I was even better, and I was very grateful for all progress made.

When I was a young girl in school I remember teacher encouraging me to try harder because I was capable of so much more. There was not as much, if any, understanding of ADD and dyslexia when I was a child, so it was not even known to have me tested to see why a child with an IQ of genius level could not perform at the level that they thought I was capable of. I went through my entire education experience thinking I there was something wrong with me, but doing my best to fake it along the way. I really was trying my best, and I did get fairly good grades, but not what they all expected of me.

It wasn’t until I was in college that I figured out that I was dyslexic. My major was Early Childhood Education and I was taking a class titled “How to identify learning disabilities in children”. That is where I learned that I was a child with learning disabilities, and one of them was definitely dyslexia. I recall beginning to cry a little in class, trying not to make a scene. Having an explanation for the way my brain worked was a tremendous relief, but it didn’t improve my self-image very much. The idea that I was less-than was still very much a part of my unconscious thinking.

That is where the practice of Mirror Work made the difference. It enabled me to see myself as whole and complete and to realize that I am loved just as I am. It helped me to repair my self-image and finally believe that I am still as God created me, whole and complete, loved and full of joy and peace.

It was later still in life, long after my children were grown and on their own that I discovered that I am also ADD. With that discovery I began to figure out ways to function at a higher level even with my particular brain dysfunctions. That is when things began to change for me.

Fast forward to the present year and here I am, a grandmother now, and just coming into my own. I can now see myself as a force to be reckoned with. Since my practice of Mirror Work has completed as a class I have been making progress at a surprising rate for me. I am more grateful than words can express for this miraculous change in my life.

Mirror Work is a practice designed by Louise Hay to help the practitioner regain self-esteem. Because of my brain dysfunctions my self-esteem had always been low. I was good at putting up a good front, but I knew the truth and lived in denial of it for many years. Being freed of that low self-image and now being able to actually complete tasks that I start is downright amazing for me and I am over-the-top with gratitude for the progress I have made.

The information about Mirror Work can be found at The introductory information is free. There are videos and a PDF with the training of the 21 day program is free to be downloaded. You may be successful doing it on your own, but I highly recommend that you find a coach who can guide you through the process. Hay House would probably have that information available as well. If you are in the Nashua, NH area I am available as a Life Coach to assist you on your journey to wholeness.

Blessings on your journey through this amazing life that we all share.


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Marriage Repair

It seems like this is a good time in my life to begin sharing what I have learned about marriage and family. My life is in a peaceful place now. The children are all grown and have families of their own; I’ve retired from teaching and started a new career in Holistic Wellness Coaching. In my coaching experience I have seen that those who have health issues also have life issues that are often the cause of the health issues. Marriage and family are among the ones that cause the most stress and resulting health issues.

A little about my own history before I go on. When I found myself pregnant at age 18 in an era when that was not acceptable at all, my boyfriend and I decided to get married. His family attended church regularly and would not have taken our situation kindly, and neither would mine. We took it upon ourselves to find out where we could go to get married secretly, we found a room to rent in a rooming house and then we went off on a “trip” to the World’s Fair, or so we told everyone. Instead we got married and then came home and broke the news to our families. Both our mother asked us if we were pregnant so of course we couldn’t lie about that. We were not in love when we got married. We got married because we thought we had to. It was rocky from the beginning, but I am stubborn and determined so I stuck it out. We had 4 children and then we finally separated after 14 years together. We divorced 3 years later when I found out that he had been living with his girlfriend shortly after we separated. I had moved to the other coast, so I was not able to see what he had been up to. Infidelity is the reason that we separated in the first place.

After nearly 10 years raising the children alone I met the love of my life and married again. My youngest was 18 by then so I felt no conflict for the children. It was a good relationship for me. We seemed to be soul mates. Then two and a half years into our marriage he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It took a year and a half to kill him and I was devastated. After he passed away I came back to the east coast because my mom was ill with cancer. I wanted to spend time with her to help with her recovery if at all possible. Her cancer was at stage 3 when it was diagnosed. My mother passed away a few months after my return to the east coast.

When I returned to the east coast I became involved in a church. While attending that church I met my current husband. When we got married it had been nearly 5 years since the death of my second husband and he had lost his wife of 40 years only 2 years earlier. We seemed to hit it off pretty well when we were dating, but a few short weeks into the marriage I felt I had made another big mistake. We had a troubled relationship for many years until I finally came to a decision that I wanted out. We had been through numerous counseling situations and nothing seemed to change. I was older then and wanted to be able to enjoy life and my life was not enjoyable in this relationship.

A couple of years before I came to the decision to leave my husband I discovered A Course In Miracles. I had been reading it pretty consistently and one day came across a section on “holy relationships”. I read that section very carefully and then decided that I would give my marriage one more try. I stopped focusing on what was wrong with him and began looking very honestly, at my own contribution to the mess. With the help and guidance of the Course, and Spirit I was able to make many changes in myself that eventually resulted in changes in my husband. At this writing we have a very peaceful and loving relationship and have been so for a few years at this point. We enjoy each other’s company and laugh together a lot. We haven’t had an argument in years.

If I had not experienced this for myself I would never have believed it to be possible. I had heard of other who had turned their marriages around, but I was very skeptical about my own. I truly thought that he was hopeless until I began looking at myself more honestly and saw that I needed a lot of work as well. At this time I am glad that I stuck it out and didn’t walk away.

In this initial post my focus will be on how to give your marriage a re-boot. Having been married, divorced and widowed and married again, for the third time there is a lot of personal experience to draw from in addition to what I have learned from my studies on the subject.

One of my clients recently shared that her marriage was in trouble. I asked if she wanted to divorce or to save the marriage. They have 3 adult children and she has not worked out of the home. She had only done volunteer activities while the children were growing up and is still involved in some of those activities. The reason for her concern for her marriage was that she felt her husband was being unfaithful to her and would lie about it when she confronted him about it. He would consistently say that he still loves her and does not want a divorce. She also doesn’t feel that he pays much attention to her anymore so she feels much like a fixture in the home.

My question is: Can this marriage be saved? I believe it can. I asked my client if her husband was abusive to her in any way, but she said no. It seems that there could be hope for this relationship. What I told my client was this:
• It only takes one person to fix a relationship of any kind, even a broken marriage.
• We cannot fix another person who we are in a relationship with, but we can work on ourselves.
• Focus our attention on self and see what we need to do to make the relationship better from our own position.
• Allow your partner to be whomever he/she wants to be and just focus on who you want to be yourself.
• Be encouraging, kind and loving, even if you don’t want to and it will work wonders for you and your partner.
The client was sent home with this homework and reported back to me in a week or so that she had been trying the things that I told her and it was amazing how much stress was taken from her. She hadn’t seen any changes in her partner yet, but she was willing to give it more time.

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What to do now?

It has been a busy summer and fall season for me. One of the more important focuses for me has been this crazy pre-election season. It is, by far, the worst that I have witnessed in my life and I am a senior citizen, so I have seen a lot of them. As an African/American woman, who is running for what office has been an interest of mine since I was a young woman. I even tried to be somewhat politically active until I realized that I am not good at identifying the liars from the honest ones. And I also discovered that I don’t want to be one of the liars myself. So here I am saying one thing that I feel is important and then I will leave it to the Universe to decide. I will vote because it is the right thing to do. At this point it is a toss-up as to who I will vote for to be our next president. Both choices scare me quite a bit, but I have faith that we will get what we deserve as a nation no matter who is elected. I cannot encourage you strongly enough to GET OUT AND VOTE, PLEASE, as a lot of people have given their lives so that we could have this privilege. If you are a native born American, or if you are a naturalized American, no matter what your heritage is, please get out and vote. Who you choose to vote for is your choice and I hope you do it intelligently.

The criteria that I would like to use to select a candidate that I would vote for, as far as I can see, has not worked for either of the remaining candidates for president. On one hand we have a woman who has been in public life for most of her adult life and if we do the research we can know what she stands for. Please do the research. Then we have a man who has not been in public office on any level ever in his life, but has been a successful business man. Again, please do the research on him as well.

Now, this is my stand, which is as far from political as we can get. We are all children of our Creator. We were made in “His” image from Love to be love. Our purpose here in this world that we have made is to find our way to the Creator and to be of service to others who are seeking to find their way to “Him” as well. We are all residence of this world for the time being which presents us with choices in life every step of the way. We all have a basic belief system, whether we are conscious of it or not, that we live by and use as criteria for the choices that we make. It would be to our advantage to question our own belief system to find out if it is for the greater good, or does it lack that quality. Once we discover what our belief system is then we would benefit from questioning its source or Source and then make a choice based on the response that we come up with.

A clue to how to make that choice is that we can use our emotional thermometer as a guide. If we see something in our belief system that sets off an alarm, emotionally, then we would do well to question its origin. Its origin may be from a negative source if it causes some discomfort. Peace of mind is our natural state and our chosen belief system may have cut us off from that peace of mind, but our emotions are clues to whether we have made a wise choice or not. There are many ways of assessing what our core belief system is and to altering that system. I encourage you to do the work required to discover what your personal belief system is and to make the necessary changes to get on a path to true peace of mind. This has been the work of my life for many years and it has paid off for me in many ways. True peace of mind is what I live in most of the time and am very grateful for that blessing. Blessings to you as you embark upon a search to discover your personal belief system and to alter it in whatever way is necessary to bring you to a place of true peace of mind.


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A recent conversation with someone about various diet plans touched on the subject of the Paleo diet. That conversation made me aware that I really didn’t know as much as I thought I knew about the Paleo diet, so I did some research and was pleasantly surprised.

The Paleo diet claims to be the healthiest way you can eat because it is the only nutritional approach that works with your genetics to help you stay lean, strong and energetic. What that means is that even though our lifestyle has evolved beyond the hunter-gatherer style, our genetics have not. We are still designed basically very similarly to the “cave man” and therefore there is a lot in our current food supply that really is not very good for us and that is why there is so much illness and discomfort in our lives. The most common ailments, high blood pressure, Type II diabetes and heart disease can all be prevented and corrected, over time, through the Paleo diet.

The diet includes lean meats, from grass fed animals, to support bone health and provide high quality proteins; fruits and vegetables which are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients; healthy fats from nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil, fish oil. The diet is designed to fit the individual’s body type which makes each person’s diet unique for them.

Here are some valuable tips that will either give you more information to contemplate or, help you make up your mind.

• One tip that is a very persuasive one is that calorie counting and portion control are not necessary on the Paleo diet plan! Yaaaaaa!
• Another great feature is that you can eat generous portions of saturated fats like coconut oil, butter (my personal favorite) or clarified butter (ghee), beef tallow and duck fat, olive oil, avocado oil and macadamia oil are good fats for salads or to drizzle on other foods, but not for cooking.
• You can eat plenty of animal protein that includes red meat, poultry, pork, eggs, organs (liver, kidney, heart) as long as they come from healthy animals, wild caught fish, (the source I used also included shell fish, but I don’t recommend them because of the job they do at the bottom of the ocean) use the bones of meat and poultry to make broths for soups.
• It is better to choose grass fed meats from local farms as much as possible. It is also suggested that you select lean cuts of meat and get your fats from coconut oil, butter, and ghee instead.
• The plan encourages large amounts of fresh and frozen vegetables either cooked or raw. Starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes and yams are a great source of non-toxic carbohydrates. Low to moderate amounts of fruits and nuts are also encouraged if you choose low sugar fruits that are high in antioxidants that include berries. Nuts are high in omega 3 fatty acids and low in total polyunsaturated fats. (You can still make smoothies combining vegies and fruits and nuts if you like them.) It is best to choose organic fruits and vegies as much as possible.
• Eliminate all cereal grains and legumes from your diet. This includes wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, brown rice, soy, peanuts, kidney beans, pinto beans, navy beans and black eyed peas. (This part is a bummer for me, but for improved health I am willing to give up the peanut butter and brown rice.)
• On the plans “NO LIST” is also hydrogenated and partly hydrogenated oils such as margarine, soybean oil, corn oil, peanut oil, canola oil, safflower oil and sunflower oil. Olive oil and avocado oil are fine, but don’t cook with them, they are better used in salad dressings and to drizzle on your food.
• This may be a difficult one also, but we have known for a long time not to consume the following items, so this is not news: no added sugar, soft drinks, all packaged sweets and juices (including fruit juices). The rule is that if it is packaged of bottled it has been altered and it is not whole food any more.
• Dairy products, except eggs and butter and possibly heavy cream, we just don’t need. These are the items that add to the build of up unwanted fat on the body and they don’t do a lot for us nutritionally, so to do without them is better.
• Eating when you are hungry is advisable no matter what plan you are on. We are sometimes inclined to eat if someone else is eating, or just because it’s meal time, or when we are board. Check with the body first to see if you really need to eat before you start. Don’t stress over a missed meal, just keep healthful snacks on hand for those occasions.
• Learn some techniques that help you to manage the stress in your life. And figure out how to eliminate some of the unnecessary stresses. Learning to meditate and to practice mindfulness are very valuable techniques that will work wonders in your life.
• Exercise is also very important no matter what kind of eating plan you are on. The body was designed to move and when we don’t move it we lose it. On the other hand, don’t over-do exercise because you will wear the body out unnecessarily. The body requires only about 30 minutes of vigorous movement daily. If you do 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night the first will jump start the body for the day and the second will relax it for better sleep at night.
• By all means you must consider nutritional supplements. No matter what the quality of the food that you eat, you are not able to get all of the nutrients that the body requires from 3 meals a day. The most important nutrients to add are minerals because the body requires way more minerals than vitamins, 60 to be exact; but vitamin D is a must because we can’t get very much in our diet and if you don’t spend a lot of time outside you won’t get it from the sun. Probiotics is another nutrient that is highly recommended. They help keep the intestinal flora in balance and provide general help for the digestion process. Vitamin K, magnesium and iodine should be optimized. Vitamin K is in dark green leafy vegies and iodine in seaweeds. A good whole food vitamin supplement will be advised if you are not one to keep close tabs on your diet.
• Lastly, have fun! Get plenty of outdoor play time, laugh and be creative. These are all activities that boost our happiness level which also improves the function of our immune system.

This particular research project has been very helpful for me and has convinced me to make the effort to convert to a Paleo diet. In a future post I will let you know how it worked for me.
Peace and Love,

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To Sunscreen or not to sunscreen?

The summer is upon us full blast. The sun is out and because the weather is warm we wear fewer clothes and more flesh is exposed to the sun. Sun is basically very good for us, but like almost anything else that we may indulge in, too much can be harmful.

The subject came up in the first place because one person invited another to come and sit in the in her back yard with her and catch some rays. “Only if you have some sunscreen, because I don’t have any with me.” was the other’s response. A third person spoke of a video she had recently seen that talked, among other things, about sunscreen being a cause of skin cancer instead of a deterrent as most of us believe. I agreed with that statement because I have learned a lot about what causes cancer and how to treat cancer in the past several years; but I only had a basic knowledge of the subject of sunscreen causing skin cancer, so I did the research and here is what I found out. These 5 points will help you to make wise decisions regarding your time in the sun.

1. The sun is not totally as harmful as we have been lead to believe.
The sun helps to grow the food we eat and provides us with the vital nutrient, vitamin D. When we learn to harness the sun we can use it for many useful purposes like heating our homes in cold weather and fueling power plants to minimize the use of fossil fuels. The sun is the reason we are all here and we could not survive very long without it, we just have to learn what it is capable of and how to utilize it properly and wisely.

2. Sunscreens can cause cancer instead of preventing it.
The above statement is true. Sunscreens contain chemicals that are not good for the body. If we swallowed the sunscreen we would either die or be very sick. Sunscreen is also causing a lot of problems for fish in the ocean and lakes. If you go to you tube and search “sunscreen causes cancer” you will find more information that backs up that statement than those that say it isn’t true. The one source that I found that said it was not true and that getting a sun tan was bad for us was sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Company, so consider the source there.

3. The body will benefit from 30 to 60 minutes of sun a day as a source of much needed vitamin D.
That’s all we really need to get the amount of vitamin D that the body needs. After that it becomes excessive and you really should use some protection so you don’t get burned which leads to skin damage. When we spend time in the sun without sunscreen the skin gets to absorb the vitamin D which remains on the skin for up to 48 hours and is gradually absorbed into the body. Don’t wash with soap after being in the sun, except under the arm pits and in the private areas that don’t get exposed to the sun, because the soap will wash off the vitamin D before it gets the chance to be fully absorbed into the body.

4. There are natural ways of protecting ourselves from the sun if we must be out in it for several hours a day.
There are many natural sunscreen products available that don’t have harmful chemicals in them. Do a search on google and you will find more than you can handle. Then there is also the clothing that is designed to protect the skin from sun burns. And of course a hat will help also.

5. And why a sun tan is good.
The research that I did surprised me when I heard a doctor say that dark skinned people have a higher rate of skin cancer than white people do. As I listened to his talk further it made perfect sense to me. Dark skinned people don’t spend as much time in the sun as a general rule because they don’t need to get a tan, because they already have one. And, dark skin actually blocks the sun’s vitamin D which protects the body from cancer of all kinds, not just skin cancer. It is advisable that dark skinned people make sure they take a vitamin D supplement to ensure they get the needed amount of that vital nutrient. Dark skinned people can get sun burned that same as anyone else if they do happen to spend too much time in the sun, especially while in the water, it just takes longer.

For light skinned people a tan is beneficial as it provides a protection from the harmful rays of the sun; and there is a right way to get a tan without causing damage to the skin. Only stay in the sun until you begin to get a little red. Observe how much time it took to get there and then gradually increase the amount of time you spend in the sun until you get a good tan and then you will be protected. The tan will not give you free range in the sun, but will protect up to a point.

If you are someone who works in the sun for several hours each day then you can wear protective clothing and a hat to protect you from the harmful rays. There is clothing available that will protect from the harmful rays of the sun, especially for young children and those with very fair skin. This fabric is also available by the yard if you are a sewer and want to make your own protective clothing.

In closing I will advise everyone to be wise about how much time you spend in the sun and how you protect yourself during your time in the sun. Have a great summer!

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This post is a thank you to Dr. Wayne Dyer. I had first seen him on a PBS fund raiser several years ago, but was not impressed the first time; then when I heard his talk about “The Power of Intention” that really got me attention. I was moved to get his book and read it. Before I had a chance to get the book one of my daughters had seen the same broadcast with Dr. Dyer on PBS and got the book before me. She was also impressed and encouraged me to get it as well, and so I did finally get it. I was so impressed by his teaching in that book that I bought a couple of other of his books as well. In his books Dr. Dyer mentions A Course In Miracles often and finally one reference that he made caused me to order that as well.

I have been a spiritual seeker my whole life and as far back as I can remember I have wanted to have the kind of relationship with God that is portrayed in the characters of the Bible. I wanted to be on a first name basis with God because I saw the world as a sad and hopeless place so it seemed to me that getting connected with God would protect me and help me to be able to help others to find that same kind of intimate connection with God. Dr. Dyer seemed to have that intimate relationship with God so I wanted to learn as much as I could from him. I never attended a live event of Dr. Dyer’s, but watching him on the PBS programs and reading his books gave me a good picture of who he really is. I am so grateful for his life and his teachings and how they have helped me to enhance that intimate connection with God.

A lot was learned from Dr. Dyer’s books, but when I began to really get into ACIM things became even more clear to me. Then I had even more appreciation for Dr. Dyer because it seemed that he was living what he was teaching and it was helping so many other people as well. My heart was sad when I learned of Dr. Dyer’s death. It was as if I had lost one of my brothers. But even though he is no longer in the body, whenever I re-read a passage from one of his books, or watch a video of him speaking I feel his presence very deeply. My best way of expressing my gratitude for his life is to live a life that exemplifies the Spirit that he also portrayed in his life as long as I am in this body.

Thank you, Dr. Dyer for your life and your work that has so deeply impressed so many lives. I currently facilitate A Course In Miracles study group weekly at a local holistic health center and it is always a wonderful experience. This is my way of sharing what I have learned with others hoping they will get to experience the joy of living a life in Oneness with Source (God).



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Love is all there is.

This story is about Beverly who did not have success with the natural therapies she used to treat her cancer. Beverly was the first person I worked with at the same time that I was working with a man who was a photographer. In this blog I will focus on Beverly only as her story is a challenging one.

Beverly had been financially comfortable. She and her husband owned a horse ranch where they bred and trained horses as a business. It was a large spread and they had a cottage on the property where the foreman and his wife lived. The wife of the foreman was the housekeeper and cook. When Beverly’s husband died suddenly from a heart attack she found out from the family lawyer that the business was nearly bankrupt and that the property would have to be sold to cover the debt. This all left Beverly in a state of anger that she could not let go of. Then after hearing of the bad news from the lawyer she was diagnosed with breast cancer about a month after her husband’s death. She told me that she cried for several days and just wanted to die because her situation seemed so hopeless.

When I was introduced to Beverly she didn’t even have a smile to offer. My friend assured me that she was a nice person who was going through a bad time, so I agreed to work with Beverly. By the time I met her she had just returned from the Gerson Clinic in Mexico. She had purchased a juicer and was trying to train her housekeeper to make the juices and prepare all the supplements for her. The housekeeper was not doing a great job and Beverly was frustrated. Having done the same therapy with my late husband I went to Beverly’s home and trained her housekeeper how to do the juices and prepare the other foods that are part of the therapy. When I saw how all- encompassing Beverly’s depression and anger was I knew she would never overcome cancer if she did not find peace in her heart, so I offered to teach her to meditate. She said she was open to learn so I told her I would come over on my way to school 3 mornings a week to help her with meditation.

Every time Beverly sat in her chair and tried to be still. She would take some deep breaths and then she would say that she couldn’t get thoughts of having to leave her home out of her mind. She was then angry with her husband for leaving her in such a mess. Beverly’s situation only got worse. When she was first diagnosed her cancer was at stage to and only on breast was involved. She had refused chemo and radiation because both her parents had died miserable deaths from the chemo and radiation treatments for their cancer. At some point I stopped working with Beverly because I was not able to handle her anger while still in my own vulnerable condition. She was not paying me for my services and she was very ungrateful. I told my friend Karen, the massage therapist, that I would not work with Beverly any more. She had all the information she needed, all she needed to do was to be able to forgive her husband and know that God did not saddle her with cancer.

About 2 months after her first trip to Mexico to the Clinic she went back because she was not getting any better. She was only there for a short time because they basically told her the same things I had told her about her anger issues. When Beverly returned from Mexico the second time she died a short time later.

That was a heart breaking experience for me. I felt I had failed Beverly even though I had tried very hard to help her. I offered her unconditional love and help beyond the call of duty, but she still missed the point of it all. Beverly had access to everything she needed to do the 2 therapies that she chose to do. She had an organic garden in her back yard that was meticulously kept by her housekeeper and the loving help of her housekeeper as well as another close friend who looked in on her once or twice a week. The only thing Beverly lacked was love for herself and forgiveness for her husband and her circumstances.

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